Qualifood specializes in importing only the best high quality Norwegian and Scottish salmon. Our selection of cuts, are either fresh, frozen smoked or marinated.

Other species of frozen fish we carry range from the small Atherina to the larger Tuna. This also includes the Black Cod or “Butterfish” which is an incredibly flavorful fish. It is widely known as an excellent fish for gourmet entrees and is considered a delicacy by most seafood connoisseurs for its beautiful snow-white fillets, rich succulent flavor, and velvety texture.

Some of our other products include: squid, octopus, caviar, smoked eel and smoked trout.

Qualifood’s assortments of prawns include many different sizes and variety. From cocktail shrimp to king-size, 100/200 to 2/4, head on or head off, pealed or cooked our selection is extensive.

Our reputation is based on the capability to provide a large variety of quality seafood such as: scallops, lobster, mussels, and a variety of crabs such as the king crab.